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What is the generator's request for the excitation system

Time: 2019-09-04 16:21:06 Views: Times

What is the generator's request for the excitation system
The excitation system is of great significance for the reliability of the operation of generators and power systems. It directly affects the state change of the accident generator. Therefore, generators require high-excitation systems, which are detailed in the following aspects:

The excitation system is not affected by the external power grid. Otherwise, once an accident is caused, a vicious cycle will be formed, causing the power grid to affect the excitation, and the excitation to the power grid.


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(1) The speed regulation of the excitation system itself should be stable. If it is unstable, the excitation voltage changes greatly, and the generator voltage fluctuates greatly.

(2) When the generator terminal voltage drops in the power system, the excitation system should be able to rapidly increase the excitation to the highest value, and hope that the excitation rise speed and the highest value are very high. The faster the EMF rises, the more beneficial it is to maintain system stability or relay maintenance actions.

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