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Why don't you start the generator in this area earlier

Time: 2019-08-20 11:40:32 Views: Times

Why don't you start the generator in this area earlier and stop the elevator for half an hour? Some owners question this.

The reporter understands that the district was suddenly cut off. For the first time, Xie Baoming, the company's deputy manager, and Yu An, the maintenance team leader, went directly to the western equipment room to stop the inspection. There are 18 units in the Northwest Territories distributing power to each building, and closing equipment cabinets and control rooms separately. It takes at least 10 minutes to complete the inspection.


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In an emergency situation of a trapped elevator, why check whether the equipment is in a good state of power generation?
"Suddenly there is a power outage. I don't know the reason. If the equipment itself has a power outage, the generator will be re-developed, and the equipment cabinet may be short-circuit damaged during the transmission process, and even catch fire. This inspection cannot be saved. "It must be warmed up to a certain speed after stable transmission. The 15-minute warm-up time cannot be artificially shortened," Tan said.
Qingdao Generator Rental Center In order to improve emergency abilities in similar situations, urban property personnel in this month will organize a sudden power outage drill to "improve people's ability to cope with and deal with similar situations."
Why did the elevator go down from the 17th floor to the negative first floor?
On the night of the power failure, 49 women named Liu and another neighbor were trapped in an elevator. However, after power was supplied by the generator equipment, the elevator stopped on the 17th floor and gradually landed on the negative first floor. The owner trapped in the elevator was afraid. Is the elevator broken?
It is understood that on April 7, the Quality Supervision Bureau just stopped the quality inspection of the elevators in the area and the results were qualified.
The reporter contacted Mr. Chen, the marketing director of the Hangzhou headquarters of the elevator company by telephone. He explained: "After calling, the elevator will resume operation. It will initiate a reset of the operating system and return to the base station at the bottom or top of the building, just like the computer restart process. In this process, the elevator usually starts with Normal speed or lower than normal speed. In other words, the elevator will not fall freely or accelerate upwards, and the owner need not be surprised.

In addition, according to the design requirements of different buildings, the elevator has two ways to open the door: "The first is that the elevator resumes operation and opens the door after returning to the base station; the second is that the elevator opens after the elevator arrives at the base station. The elevator resumes operation and returns In the process of the base station, the operation will be stopped near the base station, the elevator door will be opened, the trapped people will be separated from the elevator, and then returned to the base station.

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