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Do you know the consequences of running a generator at low voltage?

Time: 2019-11-10 15:48:39 Views: Times

Do you know the consequences of running a generator at low voltage? @ QingdaoGenerator Rental18810769755

The editor here reminds you of the consequences of low-pressure operation of the unit. The power system sometimes has a certain failure, which may cause the generator to run at low voltage, which is very dangerous. So, what are the dangers of generator low-voltage operation?

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Burn the motor. When the voltage is lower than 10%, the motor current increases and the coil temperature increases. In severe cases, the mechanical equipment stops or fails to start, and even burns the motor;
1. The light is very dim. The voltage is reduced by 5%, the general lighting is reduced by 18%, the voltage is reduced by 10%, the lighting is reduced by 35%, and the voltage is reduced by 20%. Fluorescent lights cannot be started;
2. Increase line loss. When transmitting a certain power, the voltage decreases, the current increases accordingly, and the line loss increases.
3. Reduce the static and transient stability of the power system. Due to the decrease in voltage, the limit capacity of the transmission line is correspondingly reduced, the stability is reduced, and a voltage collapse may occur when the voltage is too low.
4. The generator output is reduced. When the voltage decreases by more than 5%, the output of the generator will decrease accordingly;
5. Affects voltage stability. If the regional reactive power compensation is insufficient, the reactive power deficiency can only be compensated by voltage reduction, resulting in an increasing reactive power deficiency and a lower and lower voltage until it collapses.

It can be seen that generators running at low voltage pose a major threat to the safe use of generators, and we must be alert to low voltage conditions. When the voltage is seriously abnormal and affects the operation of the generator, the generator must be immediately disconnected from the power system to protect the generator from damage.

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