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Reasons for the long-term power drop of diesel generators

Time: 2019-09-12 10:37:27 Views: Times

Reasons for Long-term Operating Power Drop of Qingdao Generator Rental
Many friends who use useful generators or long-term generators will find that the power of diesel generators will drop, which is a big problem for companies that rent diesel generators. What is the reason for the power drop of the diesel generator set? Let the technical staff of Qingdao Generator Rental Center analyze it
Some parts of the diesel generator set will also affect the power change of the diesel power generation equipment. The main reasons are as follows:
1. The ignition time is incorrect and needs to be adjusted.
2. The fuel filter is too dirty to stop fuel emission. Must be changed or cleaned.
3. The air filter is too dirty to suck in enough air. In this case, the air filter must be cleaned or replaced.
When the diesel generator set is working locally, under certain load, many parts are relatively sliding or rotating at high speed, such as pistons and cylinder liners, crankshafts and bearings, etc. Although the appearance of these parts has different levels of smoothness, but with the workload As it increases, the level of smoothness of its appearance also varies. Due to friction, the contact surface will inevitably wear, gradually destroying the original size and geometry.

This normal wear is often referred to as "natural wear", which is practically unavoidable. The power of a diesel engine also has a certain relationship with the amount of air and the amount of diesel that can be extinguished. At the same time, the temperature and humidity of the air will also affect the power of the diesel engine. The high temperature and humidity of the air will also reduce the power of the diesel engine.

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