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Generator installation becomes an important issue

Time: 2019-08-22 16:25:23 Views: Times

In the generator leasing process, the installation of the generator becomes an important issue. Do you know what to look out for when renting generator units, testing and shutting down? When installing the generator, it is necessary to ensure that the cooling air inlet is unobstructed and prevent hot air from being discharged into the generator. If there are blinds on the ventilation cover, the windows should face down to meet the protection level request. The mechanical coupling of single bearing generators should pay special attention to the uniformity of the rotor air gap.


The coupling degree of the current generator and the diesel generator requires the parallelism and concentricity of the coupling to be less than 0.05mm. In practice, Qingdao generator leasing can request a little lower, about 0.1 mm. Excessive assembly will affect the normal operation of the bearing, causing damage, and the coupling must be fixed with positioning pins. The condition of the coupling should be measured again before installation.
There are U, V, W, N marks on the terminal box of the generator, which does not mean that the actual phase sequence depends on the direction of rotation. The certificate is printed with uvw indicating the clockwise rotation practice phase sequence and vuw indicating the counterclockwise rotation practice phase sequence.
When the sliding bearing generator is connected, the height of the generator center should be adjusted slightly so that the weight of the diesel flywheel will not be transferred to the generator bearings. Otherwise, the generator bearing will accept the extra weight of the flywheel, which is not conducive to forming an oil film on the sliding bearing, which may cause heat or even heat. Damage to the bearing. The coupling of this generator cannot accept any weight.

If the neutral point of the generator in the power supply system is connected to each other, or the neutral point of the generator and the transformer and the load neutral point are connected to each other, the installation and operation. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the neutral point current under various loads that the generator may exhibit during operation. To prevent the generator from overheating, the line current must not exceed 50% of the generator's rated current base. The power of the middle line is too large, and a middle line reactor should be installed in the middle line to limit the power of the middle line.

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