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How to adjust the fuel supply of diesel generators?

Time: 2019-08-19 10:16:06 Views: Times

How to adjust the fuel supply of diesel generators? @ QingdaoGenerator Rental18810769755
The average supply of diesel generator sets directly affects the use of diesel generator sets. Do you know how to adjust the fuel supply of diesel generators?
Prepare two glass measuring cylinders. If you cannot find a graduated cylinder today, you can also replace it with two identical vials.
(2) Remove the high-pressure oil pipe joint connected to the injector with the cylinder with too much (or too small) fuel supply.
(3) Remove the high-pressure pipe joint, and the high-pressure pipe joint is connected with the injector through the cylinder for normal oil supply.
(4) Insert the two tube ends into two measuring cylinders (or vials) respectively.
Use the starting installation of the generator to rotate the fuel pump oil.

When there is a certain amount of diesel in the equivalent cylinder (or vial), comparing the amount of oil on the level gauge can determine whether the amount of oil supplied is too large or too small. If replaced by a small bottle, it can be weighed and compared. It can adjust the relative position of the fork or the ring gear on the fuel conditioning lever (ie, the gear lever) of the injection pump. The P-type pump can be conditioned by rotating the flange sleeve.


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In the operation of diesel generator sets, based on experience, special attention should be paid to the following points:
(1) Loosen the fixing screw of the fork (or ring, or flange sleeve), only a small amount of movement can be used to change the oil supply. Do not move too much, otherwise it is difficult to adjust accurately. If necessary, mark the initial position first for comparison.
After each adjustment, the tightening of the fixing screws must be confirmed.
(3) When adjusting the fuel supply, ensure that the fuel supply is not higher than the standard fuel supply. This is because the adjustment is stopped at a low speed. Considering the impact of many factors such as oil leakage, a large unevenness (30%) is allowed at this time, but at high speeds, due to throttling and other factors, the unevenness is small (3%). If the fuel quantity at low speed is higher than the standard fuel quantity, the fuel quantity at high speed may change greatly and even exceed the rated fuel quantity.
If the maximum fuel supply and the minimum fuel supply of the same initiator are very different, don't rush to adjust, you can install the outlet valves of the two pumps and stop checking and comparing. Sometimes this also changes the fuel supply. If the fuel supply does not change after the adjustment, the two branch pumps need to be adjusted one by one.

When using the analog method to adjust the fuel supply, the operation must be meticulous.

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