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Physical phenomenon of light radiation caused by Qingdao generator rental site

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Physical phenomenon of light radiation caused by Qingdao generator rental site

Electroluminescence (EL), also known as electric field emission (EFL), is a physical phenomenon in which electrons are transferred, altered, and recombined between energy levels, resulting in an electric field generated by a voltage applied to two electrodes and an electric field caused by The excited electrons emit light. The electric field affects the luminous center.


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Chromium-free electroplating, used to replace electroplated chrome decoration in the field of exterior engineering, is one of the most commonly used electroplating types in the electroplating industry. Decorative chrome plating is the main body of chrome plating. Decorative chrome plating is commonly used in steel, aluminum, plastic, copper alloy and zinc-based alloy die castings.
However, hexavalent chromium is a highly toxic carcinogen, and hexavalent chromium plating is also a serious and difficult source of pollution in the electroplating industry. More than 60% of the annual electroplating pollution management costs of Chinese companies are used to dispose of hexavalent chromium-containing wastewater, waste gas and waste. Because hexavalent chromium plating seriously pollutes the environment and endangers human health, most prosperous countries have suspended the use of hexavalent chromium plating technology while restricting the import of chrome-plated goods; China ’s “Regulations on the Management of Hexavalent Chromium Plating” electronic information product pollution also Understand the rules of the use of hexavalent chromium plating technology.
Jiahao does not contain any chromate, but can achieve the same decorative effect as decorative chrome. The coating is bright blue and white and reaches 100% reflectivity of the chrome layer. In order to eliminate the toxicity of chromium mist to the human body and the serious pollution of chromium-containing wastewater to the environment, chromium mist, as an important, direct and useful decorative chromium replacement technology, has incomparable advantages in technical functions and environmental maintenance. maintain.
three. It is not rich in harmful heavy metals. The entire process of cleaning and consuming heavy metals generally refers to metals with a density greater than 5 g / cm3. The heavy metals in electroplating pollution are mainly cadmium, chromium and lead, which have obvious biological toxicity. They are also rich in zinc, copper, cobalt, nickel, and tin, and are somewhat toxic. Since electroplating is an electric deposition process in which metal ions are attached to the surface of a workpiece to be plated through an electrode current, it is necessary to stop the plating in an electrolyte rich in some metal ions. Workpieces and spreaders are raised from the plating bath. With the loss of wastewater during the scouring process, metal ions attached to it become the main source of pollution in the electroplating process. According to statistics, China's electroplating industry annually discharges about 400 million tons of heavy metal wastewater, about 50,000 tons of heavy metal waste residue, and about 30 million cubic meters of acid mist. Therefore, the electroplating industry has become one of the key industries for the sustainable development of the industry, the completion of clean consumption, and the connection of the livelihood and development of the electroplating industry.
The arrival of Jiahao has brought new green environmental protection to China's appearance engineering category, injected new life into China's appearance disposal industry, brought new prosperity, and will bring new opportunities to electroplating companies and electroplating processes. Economic growth point. Natural Gas Company.
(2) Technical advantages
Comparison of electroplating process
First, the conventional process of gold plating and silver plating: degreasing washing, deoxidizing skin washing, acid copper plating washing, bright nickel plating washing, imitation gold plating silver washing, passivation washing, drying inspection and packaging.
Second, the conventional process of chrome plating decoration: degreasing washing, deoxidizing skin washing, acid copper washing, semi-bright nickel washing, bright nickel washing, chrome washing, passivation washing, drying inspection and packaging.
3. Conventional techniques of non-metallic plating and conventional techniques of non-metallic plating: degreasing, washing, roughening, washing, sensitization, washing, washing, hydrosol washing (AcACIIACIACIACIIACIIACIIIACIIIACIIACIIACIACIACIACIACICAIL / 885 85) activation activation activation activation activation 8594; elutriation washing washing Tin, zinc alloy or gold and silver electroplating, washing, passivation, washing, spray drying, maintenance, dryness inspection and P packaging.

4. Techniques for degreasing, washing, deoxidizing (metal workpieces), washing, spraying, primer, boring spray, reflective coating, blow molding

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