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Working principle and error analysis of DC speed generator rental

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The working principle and error analysis of DC speed generator rental @ QingdaoGenerator18810769755

First, the working principle of renting a DC tachogenerator: at no load, the output voltage of the DC tachogenerator is the armature induced electromotive force. Obviously, the output voltage is proportional to the speed. In addition, the output of the DC speed measuring generator is a pulsating voltage, and its AC weight has an important impact on the speed response control system and high-precision calculation installation.


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Working principle and error analysis of DC speed generator rental
Error analysis: It is difficult to maintain a strict proportional relationship between the output voltage and the speed of the DC tachometer generator in practical operation. Its practical output characteristics are solid lines in the figure. The main reasons for this non-linear error are as follows:

(1) When the armature reacts to the DC speed generator load, the armature current will produce an armature response. The armature demagnetization reduces the air gap flux and output voltage. Judging from the output characteristics, the slope is reduced. The larger the armature current is, the more obvious the demagnetizing effect of the armature response is.

(2) Contact resistance If the total resistance of the armature circuit includes the contact resistance between the brush and the commutator, the output voltage is always affected by the voltage drop of the contact resistance, and the voltage drop changes with the change of the load current. When the input speed is low, the contact resistance is large, so that the output voltage is not large at this time and a linear error occurs. Large; when the current is large, the contact resistance is small, tends to be stable, and the linearity error is relatively small.

(3) If a long-term rental of a DC speed generator is used, its excitation winding will generate heat, its winding resistance will increase with temperature, and its excitation current will decrease, which will result in a decrease in air gap magnetic flux and a decrease in output voltage. And the characteristic slope is reduced. The higher the temperature, the more pronounced the slope decrease, causing the characteristic to bend downward. In the excitation circuit, manganese copper or constantan resistors with larger resistance and smaller temperature coefficient can be connected in series to reduce the resistance change caused by temperature change, thereby reducing the linear error caused by temperature.

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